About Us

We started our journey almost 20 years ago with a need to find a better product.  Years of research, formulating, and thousands of bars of soap have led us here.

IMPORTANT - If you or someone you know is in need of soap, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide.  

Our name has changed, and we'll tell you why.  Our little farm sits in a valley on squaw creek, that's where we got our name.  We were not aware this was a derogatory term, and we have been working through the logistics of correcting this oversight.  We deeply apologize for any offense we have made, and will remain, as always, allies. We will continue to take every opportunity to learn, and improve. 

We are always striving to do better!  We are trying to do our best for our community, our environment, and our future.  We only use RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.  We use fair trade, ethically sourced, organic, and sustainable ingredients whenever we can.  We shop locally, and woman owned as a priority.  We believe in full transparency with our products.  We love questions, so please ask away!