Product Use & Care


For Longer Lasting Bar Soap:
Please keep soap dry when not using. Use a soap dish, or soap saver sack (we have some in our shop). Let soap dry after use. Do not keep in direct sunlight. Do not let bar soap sit in water, sitting in water may cause your soap to "melt". You may choose to slice your bar soap in half  prior to use. If your soap has embellishments on top, such as crystals, flowers, or herbs, you may chose to gently remove them before use.  Please don't eat your soap.  We know it's pretty, please use it, we'll make more!

Whipped Body Wash:
Our gentle Whipped formula can be used as hand soap, body wash, or shaving cream!  For hands, lather up a dime size amount, and wash as normal.  For body wash, lather a small amount in your hands, cloth,  or a loofa, and wash as normal.  For shaving, add an even amount to desired area, and shave as usual.

Shea Butter Body Scrub:
Scrubs are best used on clean, towel dried or damp skin.  Apply desired amount to clean skin, gently massage into skin, and rinse clean.  Our Scrubs contain Organic Shea Butter to leave your skin feeling soft when done.  

Bath Bombs, and Fizz:  Please keep sealed till ready to use.  You may choose to remove sea salt, or glycerin soap embellishments before use.  These are soft pressed into the bomb, and easily removed.  We use Batch Certified Lakes and Dyes in some of our products to create fun bath art in your tub.  While these do disperse quite well in warm water, they may temporarily stain porous surfaces, or surfaces with hard water build up.  You may experience staining if you hold your bomb while it dissolves in your bath.  This should wash off without issue.   Most importantly, we only use plastic free, eco friendly, and biodegradable glitter, so it's safe to rinse down your drain.  

Steamers: Keep sealed till ready to use.  Place on the floor of your shower away from the drain for best results. 
Steamers are NOT designed for use in a bath, they have a higher fragrance concentration, and some fragrance used in steamers are not safe for contact with mucus membranes or long term skin contact.  

Solid Bubble Bath:
Our solid bubble bath comes in many shapes and sizes.  You can use a little or a lot.  it's totally up to you.  You may run your bubble cake under warm water till you reach desired bubbles, then let it dry for another use. Or you can crumble bubble scoops under running water.  Agitation is the key to bubbles!

Bath Soak, Tea, & Salt:
Our bath Soaks, Teas, and Salts may have inclusions that you do not want to rinse down your drain.  Our Bath Teas will come with a bag specifically designed for your bath to keep the ingredient from going down the drain.  If you do not use a bag for your bath treats, PLEASE USE A STRAINER IN YOUR DRAIN.  Some products may stain porous surfaces, or hard water build up.  Add as much or as little as you would like to a warm batch, and relax!  Please do NOT drink the bath water! 

Bath Oils:
Our bath oils can be used in 2 ways.  You may add a few drops directly to you warm bath water, or you may choose to add a few drops directly onto your skin before getting into your warm bath.  Either way will help the oils creat a hydrating effect and add moisture to your skin. 

Lotions, Creams, Body Butters:
Our lotions, creams, and butters are loaded with Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters.  As well as Organic Hemp and Jojoba Oils.  Add a small amount to desired area, and rub into clean dry skin.  Some of our Butters include a Jojoba Oil glittle drizzle.  This is a plastic free, eco friendly glitter that is skin and enviroment safe. 

Beard Oils:
Our Beard Oil formula will help moisturize and hydrate your facial hair as well as your skin.  Add 2 to 3 drops to clean hands, and gently work into a clean and dry beard.  Softly scented, and full of nourishing oils and extracts, our oils will help tame those wiskers!

Please do not use Bath Bombs, Fizz, Salts, Soaks, Teas, Bubble Baths, or Oils in Jetted tubs!!!

After you've finished your product, we want your trash!  Return your empty container for discounts, or points toward free products.  We're trying to reduce the amount of waste we create, and by taking back your empty containers, we can make sure they are recycled properly, and reward our awesome customers!